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Movie synopsis

Israel was the first country to vaccinate its residents on a large scale. Because of this, it was called: “The experimental state”. 3 years later the data shows a 300 percent increase in cardiac arrest cases, and a 70 percent increase in strokes. Thousands of people and children died from the vaccine, and no one cares because the truth is hidden from the public. ‘VAXO’ tells the story of Israel’s Anti-vaxxers and their fight against the Israeli government which used every possible sanction and unprecedented police brutality against them. The director and his wife were among the leaders of the protest. Their perspective provides a rare glimpse to the behind the scenes of this incredible protest. ‘VAXO’ proves that Covid-19 was a fraud on a global scale, and that Israel turned into a hidden dictatorship as a partner of a new world order.

Country: ISRAEL 
Language: English
Release Date: JANUARY 2024
Run Time: 75 minutes
Format: 4K, Stereo
Production Company: Ariel Semmel productions
Director: Ariel Semmel
Executive Producer: Ariel Semmel, Anati Landau Semmel
Director of Photography: Ariel Semmel
Sound Design: Nati Zeidenstadt
Original Score: Zoe Polanski, Eco Morgenstern
Cast: Ariel Semmel, Anati Landau Semmel, Smadar Kalchinsky, Shalom Korem, Yulia Plotkin.

Stills From Vaxo