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Movie synopsis

Israel 2021, a flood of riots filled the streets. The police brutally fight civilians. “Molotov” is a story about Ariel Semmel, a film Director and political activist who finds himself hunted by the police. Ariel’s opinions turns radical and consequently, he joins an underground brigade that attacks the police.

Country: ISRAEL
Language: English
Release Date: March 2021
Run Time: 28 minutes
Format: 4K, Stereo
Production Company: Ariel Semmel productions
Director: Ariel Semmel
Executive Producer: Ariel Semmel
Producers: Anati Landau Semmel
Director of Photography: Nadav Harel
Sound Design: Itzick Cohen
Original Score: Eco Morgenstern, Zoe Polanski
Cast: Ariel Semmel, Yulia Plutkin, Oren Habot, Maysa Dao.

Stills From Molotov