Ariel Semmel

Born 1964. Quit school at 16, Autodidactic since. Bartender, 2 years in Paris. Fashion photographer, Film cinematographer, 18 years in NYC. Yellow cab driver, Motorcycle racer, Visionary and multidisciplinary cinema producer/director with over 20 years of experience, dozens of international film awards. Currently live in Tel Aviv and finally managed to quit smoking.

Ariel Semmel

2021  Directing, producing, editing and Acting – The film “MOLOTOV” (28 min)

Winner, Jerusalem Film Festival 2021 and 9 more wins in international film festivals.



1996-2019 Directing, producing and editing – The film “PARANO” (81 min)

24 years of shooting in New Mexico, Paris, New York and Tel Aviv.

Winner, Jerusalem Film Festival 2019.

PARANO Trailer


2014 – Photo Book Publishing – ‘The Penguiners’

 230 photos which document the secret history of Tel Aviv in the 80′.

2007-9 – CEO of SEKTOR 17, Israel

Production and Studio. High end commercials.

Directing 3D animated music videos.

2006   Directing, photography – TV film: ‘OutSmarting Terror’ (46 min)

Produced for National Geographic USA.

Broadcasted to 59 million viewers.

2002-4 – New York Times Television

Directing openings for leading television series.

2001 – Directing and producing: – TV film: ‘Dreaming A New Cuba’

Produced for Showtime

1996-9 Directing commercials for Israel’s leading brands.

1995 Cinematographer and Commercial Photographer,

Panoramic photography for the ‘Oceanarium’ in Eilat.

1994 Directing the short film “Maniac!”

1991-3  Cinematography, Art Directing.

1984-8  Fashion photography. New York.